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  1980- 1981 Designs and builds his own home in the suburban area of  Tepepan in Mexico City, incorporating ecotechniques such as:
    Solar energy
    Rain water catchment and recycling
    Compost generation


Casa HCL plantas (75) mejorado.bmp (140758 bytes)

casa HCL Tepepan foto ext.bmp (317758 bytes)

casa HCL diag energ solar (75 nitidez).bmp (119518 bytes)

casa HCL foto aerea diapo ajustada color.bmp (79918 bytes)

Home in Tepepan: Architectural plans, solar collector operating diagram, general view and air view.


Conducts the  SIPROVI Program ( Systematization of an Industrialized Housing Process) for SAHOP / FOVI / INDECO, and develops pilot project design for an industrialized housing complex in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz.


siprovi maqueta.bmp (95310 bytes)

SIPROVI Program:  mock-up model of industrialized  dwellings.
SIPROVI Program: Master plan for   Coatzacoalcos housing complex pilot project. siprovi coatzacoalcos planta conjunto.bmp (102198 bytes)


Carries out preliminary studies for the Master Plan of the Gray Whale Natural Park in  Guerrero Negro, Baja California, Mexico, (including preliminary architectural design of an ecotourism center ) for INDECO and CONOPAN (SOP).
Designs for INDECO a rural low-cost housing complex (60 prefab wooden dwellings) in a rain forest locality in  Reforma, Chiapas, applying ecotechniques , bioclimatic design criteria and regional building materials (built in 1975-76 by INDECO).
Urban and architectural design (teaming up with sculptor Francisco Eppens) of the "Paralelo 28"  Tourism Lodge and Highway Monument , Guerrero Negro, Baja California, Mexico.
1972-73 Architectural design of home of Mr. Carlos Jacques in Mixcoac, Mexico City.


casa Jacques 75 bmp.BMP (236496 bytes)

Architectural design of home in Mixcoac, Mexico City: elevations and perspective views



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